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The tires & alignments on your vehicle are crucial safety and handling components. Both also affect performance. Tire maintenance and regular alignments are a large part of keeping your vehicle safe, conserving fuel, and giving you a comfortable ride. Hale’s Automotive on North Court Street, Marion, IL, has a state-of-the-art alignment machine and can maintain tires to keep your vehicle safe. We also sell tires.


When choosing new tires for your vehicle, you can choose from several types. However, there are also several other factors you must take into consideration.


First, choose the type of tire you need for your driving habits:

These are best for those who drive in various weather conditions but are not the best for off-road driving unless the roads are well-maintained gravel roads.
Sometimes referred to as performance tires, summer tires do not do well in inclement weather. They offer maximum grip in warm, dry conditions.

Sometimes referred to as snow tires, winter tires have special tread and a rubber formulation that provide excellent traction in cold, snowy conditions.

If you often drive off-road, you might consider all-terrain tires. They have a good balance between on-road comfort and off-road capabilities.

Mud-terrain tires are built for extreme off-road conditions. While you can drive them on-road, they do not offer a comfortable ride.


In addition to the type of tire you choose, you must take several factors into consideration, including:


Your owner’s manual will tell you the recommended size and load rating for your vehicle. This is extremely important if you haul or tow heavy loads.

Speed Rating

The tire you choose should have a speed rating that equals or exceeds the top speed of your vehicle.

Tread Pattern

Different tread patterns offer more traction during certain conditions, such as rain, snow, and dry conditions. Those who live near the coast may be fine with all-season tires, but those who live in the mountains might consider winter tires for the winter and summer tires for the warmer months.


Tires have all sorts of price ranges. However, keep in mind that with tires, you get what you pay for. You don’t have to get the most expensive tire out there, but going with the cheapest tire is not recommended.


Just as with other parts on your vehicle, tires require maintenance. Check the air pressure once per month. Never rely on the tire pressure monitoring system, as it is often incorrect. Purchase a good tire gauge to check the tires. If you don’t feel comfortable checking the tires, you can stop by Hale’s Automotive, and we’ll check them for you.

Rotate the tires at every other oil change. The position of the tires and the weight on the tires in each position cause a tire to wear faster or slower than the other tires on the vehicle. Rotating them every other oil change allows the tires to wear more evenly.


Keeping your vehicle’s wheels aligned increases the longevity of your tires. It also increases fuel economy. When the wheels are not aligned, they create more resistance as they roll over the road, which causes the engine to work harder, using more fuel. Additionally, a misaligned vehicle is a safety hazard, as it is much easier to lose control of the vehicle.


It is recommended that you check the alignment at least once per year, unless you drive on gravel roads or poorly maintained roads – then we recommend you check the alignment every six months.

Signs of misalignment include:


Experience the difference between us and others. When it’s time for diagnostics, maintenance or auto repair, contact Hale’s Automotive at (618) 993-2287 for an appointment or a tow – we have a 24-hour towing service on site. We are conveniently located at 408 North Court Street, Marion, IL 62959.
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