Comprehensive Fleet Maintenance Services at Hale’s Automotive


Ensuring Peak Performance for Your Business Fleet

The Essence of Fleet Maintenance

Fleet Maintenance Defined: At Hale’s Automotive, we understand that fleet maintenance is crucial for the efficiency, safety, and longevity of your business vehicles. Our comprehensive fleet maintenance services are designed to prevent potential issues and minimize operational disruptions, ensuring your fleet remains reliable and roadworthy.

Expert Fleet Maintenance Services Offered

Keeping Your Fleet in Top Condition

Routine Inspections and Servicing

Regular inspections to detect and address issues early.

Ensuring engine health with regular oil changes and fluid top-ups.

Tire inspections, rotations, and balancing for safety and durability.

Advanced Diagnostic and Repair Capabilities

Utilizing digital tools for precise issue identification in fleet vehicles.

Keeping batteries, alternators, and wiring in optimal condition.

Routine maintenance for smooth operation and longevity.

Specialized Fleet Services for Diverse Needs

Specialized care for heavy-duty diesel engines, including semis and trailers.

Compliance assurance with Illinois safety regulations for various vehicle types.

Always available assistance for unexpected fleet vehicle breakdowns.

Why Choose Hale's Automotive for Your Fleet Repair and Maintenance?

Unmatched Expertise and Quality Assurance

Skilled ASE-Certified Technicians: Our team’s expertise, backed by AAA approval and NAPA Auto Care Gold Certification, guarantees exceptional service for every fleet vehicle, from light-duty trucks to heavy-duty semi-trailers.

Tailored Fleet Maintenance Programs

Customized Solutions: We design maintenance plans to specifically address the needs of your fleet, ensuring efficiency and minimal downtime.

Dedication to Transparency and Excellence

Building Trust: Adherence to values of transparency and meticulous attention to detail provides peace of mind with every service, supported by our comprehensive nationwide warranty.

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

Staying Ahead: Our focus on ongoing education and technological advancement ensures your fleet benefits from the latest in automotive maintenance.


At Hale’s Automotive we hire only the best ASE certified technicians who enjoy working on cars and trucks. These are industry leaders in vehicle service and repairs who combine expertise, diagnostic equipment needed and a desire to get the job done right the FIRST time for not just our business fleet customers but ALL of our customers. Their dedication to continuous learning and passion for their work ensures that you will always have a great team working on your fleet vehicles.


We deliver consistent, high-quality service just read our customer reviews. We will coordinate with your fleet manager to prepare a maintenance schedule, ensure there are detailed maintenance records on file and keep your fleet vehicles on the road. Our goal is to be proactive vs. reactive here at Hale’s Automotive in Marion as that ensures you work at optimum efficiency.


We are dedicated to ensuring the best service and care for your vehicles. If you have any concerns or questions, phone or talk to a manager right away. It is important for us to address any concerns you may have and to always work to be better today than yesterday!


When you hire Hale’s Automotive you can be sure that we will work hard every day to continue to earn your trust and find ways to make your fleet more efficient, it’s simply the only way our team of honest and hard-working mechanics knows how to work. Our fleet program is a proven winner in getting the job done and we look forward to working with you.

Partner with Hale's Automotive for Superior Fleet Maintenance

Drive Your Business Forward with Confidence

Experience our distinguished services. When your RV requires maintenance or repair, reach out to Hale’s Automotive at (618) 993-2287. We also provide a 24-hour towing service. Find us at 408 North Court Street, Marion, IL 62959.
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