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Expert Care for Your Recreational and Commercial Vehicles

Premier RV and Bus Maintenance Solutions

At Hale’s Automotive in Marion, IL, we understand the unique needs of RV and bus owners. Whether you’re hitting the road for a family adventure in your RV or managing a fleet of buses, reliable performance is key. Our skilled team of ASE master technicians, backed by our state-of-the-art facility, is equipped to handle a wide range of repair and maintenance services for your RVs and buses.

A Winnebago RV parked on the roadside, highlighting the specialized RV repair and maintenance services offered by Hale's Automotive in Marion, IL.

Common Issues in RVs and Buses

Navigating the Challenges of Larger Vehicles

RVs and buses are complex machines that require specialized knowledge for effective maintenance and repair. Here are some common issues these vehicles face:

Engine and Transmission Problems

 Particularly in RVs, which may strain under heavy loads.

Difficulty in shifting gears or unusual noises can indicate a need for repair.

Electrical and Battery Concerns

RVs and buses have intricate electrical systems for lighting, entertainment, and comfort.

 Due to prolonged use or inactivity, especially in RVs.

Brake and Suspension Systems

Given their size and weight, these vehicles require robust braking systems.

Essential for a smooth ride and the safety of passengers.

HVAC and Plumbing in RVs

Crucial for comfort in different weather conditions.

Common in RVs, requiring specialized attention.

Comprehensive Repair Services at Hale’s Automotive

Engine, Transmission, and Drivetrain Services

Using digital vehicle inspection tools, we accurately diagnose and repair any engine or transmission issues.

Ensuring smooth operation for long trips and heavy usage.

Brake, Tire, and Alignment Services

Keeping your vehicle safe and responsive on the road.
Essential for vehicle stability and fuel efficiency.

Electrical, HVAC, and Plumbing for RVs

From lighting to complex onboard systems.
Tailored to the unique layouts of RVs.

Why Choose Hale’s Automotive for Your RV and Bus Repairs

Our ASE master technicians are not just experienced in automotive repair; they possess specific skills for handling the complexities of RVs and buses.
Our certifications are a testament to the high standards of service and quality we uphold.

We provide a 3-year/36,000-mile nationwide warranty, offering you peace of mind with our services.

Understanding the unpredictability of travel, we offer 24-hour towing services for those unexpected breakdowns.

A row of buses and RVs parked, representing the specialized repair and maintenance services for RVs and buses provided by Hale's Automotive in Marion, IL.

Partner with Hale's Automotive for Your RV and Bus Repair Needs

Choose Hale’s Automotive for reliable RV and bus repair services. Contact us at 618-993-2287, visit our shop at 408 North Court Street, Marion, IL 62959, or explore our services online at Hale’s Automotive. Let us be your partner in keeping your recreational and commercial vehicles in optimal condition.
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