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Your vehicle is more than just “a means of transportation.” It plays a vital role in your life, ensuring you reach work, grocery stores, and essential medical appointments in Marion, IL. It can also serve as an escape from the daily grind. For all these reasons, you deserve an auto repair shop that stands for quality, transparency, and fair pricing. At Hale’s Automotive, we’re committed to delivering all these and more.


At Hale’s Automotive, we offer auto repair services for a vast range of vehicle makes and models, including fleet vehicles and semi-trucks. Dive into our comprehensive services:

The sole contact between your vehicle and the road are its tires. Maintaining them ensures your safety and their longevity. This includes alignments, balancing, and rotations. Regular rotations with every other oil change and alignment checks every six months to a year can prolong tire life and ensure optimal performance.

These systems work in tandem to provide a stable and smooth driving experience. We can replace critical components, including struts, shocks, springs, power steering pumps, and more, to ensure your vehicle’s safety.

Fuel System

The fuel system consists of a fuel pump, injectors, fuel lines and fuel hoses. The electronic control module controls how much fuel goes into the intake. When something goes wrong, the vehicle won’t run properly, if it runs at all. We can diagnose and repair the fuel system, including injectors and the fuel pump.

Starting and Charging

You need the battery to start the vehicle, an alternator to charge the battery and a starter to turn the flywheel to start the vehicle. If any of these components are not working at all, the vehicle won’t start. We can test and replace batteries, starters and alternators.

Ignition System

The ignition system consists of spark plugs and coils on most vehicles. Diesel vehicles use glow plugs. On older vehicles, you had a distributor and one coil instead of coil-over-plugs controlled by the ECM. If any of these items malfunction, the vehicle may run poorly or may not start.

Cooling System

When a cooling system component fails, the engine will overheat. The cooling system includes a radiator, hoses, pipes, a thermostat, an electric fan or manual fan and a water pump. We can replace any of these components if they fail or leak.

The heating and cooling system is important if you want to have a comfortable ride and you want to clear the windshield in the winter. We suggest having the heating and air conditioning systems checked in the spring and in the fall. We can replace evaporators, heater cores, compressors, condensers and other components in the heating and air conditioning system.

The brake system is one of the most important on your vehicle. We can replace any of the braking components, including brake pads, rotors, calipers, master cylinders, and the ABS.

RV Repair

We have facilities to provide RV repair and service. Before heading out on a long road trip, contact Hale’s Automotive to check your RV for potential problems.


We handle fleet repair and services. We know how important it is to have your fleet vehicles running all the time, so we prioritize fleet service and repairs, including oil changes, tune-ups, filter changes, transmission flushes, brakes, tires, alignments, and all vehicle repairs.


Choose the best for your vehicle. For maintenance or repair needs, reach out to Hale’s Automotive at (618) 993-2287. We offer a 24-hour towing service and are conveniently located at 408 North Court Street, Marion, IL 62959.
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